How to create PUH (Planning Unit Hierarchy) in Hyperion Planning

To create a planning unit , login to Workspace or Hyperion Planning and goto Administration -> Approvals ->Planning Unit Heirarchy



Click on Create.


As I told you already  PUH consists of Entity as mandatory dimension & any other secondary dimension.

You can enable approval process for either all entities or few entities which you wish to have confident numbers planned on ,



All – All Entities

Custom – You can define specific generation members level on which you want .

None – No any entity

Let’s say I have selected All , it would be of below view where first check box column indicates enabled/disabled which can only then have secondary dimensions mapped.



Dimension column allows us to select any secondary dimension to select against the entity and define the members from that secondary dimension.

Let’s say I have custom selection made on first tab

Now all generation 3 members in Entity dimension would be selected as below.



If you haven’t observed last section of your first tab Approvals template , it says the planning we are doing is bottom up or top down or free form  which are version types.



I have made Account as secondary dimension and selected members on which I wanted approval process to be on. So I have selected parent member in account dimension as Headcount and inputted 1 in Relative Generation which means all generation members from Headcount level, you can take help of auto include option available beside once you give relative generation number and select auto include it would pick all members of specific generation under that parent members into selected members section.


So now this mean you are enabling workflow process for Beijing x Headcount WL1 , Beijing x Headcount WL2,Beijing x Headcount WL 3 etc.. which next tab would give exact picture.



Now click Finish, and we have created planning unit now.



We have to assign scenario & version combination to this created workflow by below method.


You will get below screen


Click on Save to save the changes/ scenario & version combinations you added.


Now your workflow creation is completed.

To start your workflow ( to have the secure approval process for your entities and accounts  you need to start your workflow only then the owner of those accounts would get access completely). Oops I think I have missed ownership concept.  If you refer 3rd tab in planning unit heirarchy which says Assign Owners to the entity x secondary dimension combination , for this user id’s whom you declare against those combinations in owners & reviewers column those id’s should have provision on the application and access on that dimension members. Once the workflow is started no one in the application will have write access on that combination even the admin will not have access to input against that combination.

To start workflow go below section



You would be taken to below page


Select scenario & version you have tagged to planning unit and set go and then tree view.



Start workflow for those combinations you want to enable secure submissions. Workflow would also enable us to select alternate owners incase if currently assigned owners are not going to be available using out of office assistance feature.


Once workflow is started, System won’t listen to you , will only listen owner assigned against it. 😉

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