Java is a general purpose, high level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. A team of engineers, named as Green Team, started the language in 1991. Java was  also named as OAK, and it was developed for handling many devices and set-top boxes. Oak was get unsuccessful, so in 1995 Sun Microsystem changed the name to Java and changed the language to take use of the burgeoning World Wide Web.

In 2009, Oracle acquires Sun Microsystem and take the ownership of two main products of it that is Java and Solaris.

Java Today

Now a days Java is basically used in Web, according to Oracle world wide there are more than 9 millions Java developers and 3 billion mobile phones are working over Java.

Java: Object Oriented Programming Language

Java is an object oriented programming language same as to C++, but with more simplified features causes less common programming errors. In Java the source code file has extension .java and then compiled into a format called bytecode file with extension .class. We can create small web based Java application called applets and run them on web browsers which have Java-compatibility.

The Java based applications and websites will not work unless Java is installed on your device. When you see the Java software it contains JRE (Java Runtime Environment) which is needed to run in the Web browser. Web browsers need Java Plug-in to run Java Applets over various browsers.

Downloading Java (Free)

Yes, Java is free and you can download it from You can find the tutorial over there to download the Java to your system and also verification to installation, removing the old version, reporting issues, troubleshooting Java. After installation you need to restart your Web browser.

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